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Sometimes life is your art. Sometimes art is your life. But always we are, by our human nature artists. The structure we give our lives is as vital a life form as the structure we give the many ways we create.
The Lunatic Fringe is where we recognize and celebrate the wonderful art explored just in our humanity. We believe in all art. We believe it to all be "fringy" from the odd corners of our souls and our worlds.
We welcome guest blogs from all kinds of artists from fiber artists, quilters, formal arts, odd doodlers and sculpters, and those artists who sculpt in the way their lives are built. It's part of our human nature. Are you one of the Lunatic Fringe?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Linda T. Mintons Fringy Feet and More

Tragically Cool and Incredibly Hip

Linda T. Minton has Fringy Feet! 
 I love her shoes! And I never love shoes. But I want these.

Painted Mud Clogs

Big City Girl with Her Hair on Fire

Here is a pair of colorful hand-painted Artist's Mudd clogs that just make her happy, and the pair of black-and-white painted Z-Coil shoes is titled "Tragically Cool and Incredibly Hip". To go with it she has a fanciful-face fabric collage is built on a favorite pair of bluejeans and is titled "Big City Girl with Her Hair on Fire".  

Eye Pod
Her"Eye Pod" was  at the Journal Quilts exhibit in Houston. 
Her motto is:
"Fail often in order to succeed sooner." -- Peter Sims
You'll find  Linda Teddlie Minton's wonderful fringy work  at


  1. Nice Eyes! Goodness knows where you'd end up if you clicked those heels together.

  2. Thanks for "Fringing" me, Ellen! So much fun ... and thanks, Laura & Diane for your Comments. I sometimes think "found humor" is my favorite aspect of fiber arts.

  3. Life is too short to wear shoes that aren't fun!

  4. I adore Linda, her attitude, and her work!

  5. I totally agree, Mary Ann! And Carol Dean, we belong to a mutual admiration society!