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Sometimes life is your art. Sometimes art is your life. But always we are, by our human nature artists. The structure we give our lives is as vital a life form as the structure we give the many ways we create.
The Lunatic Fringe is where we recognize and celebrate the wonderful art explored just in our humanity. We believe in all art. We believe it to all be "fringy" from the odd corners of our souls and our worlds.
We welcome guest blogs from all kinds of artists from fiber artists, quilters, formal arts, odd doodlers and sculpters, and those artists who sculpt in the way their lives are built. It's part of our human nature. Are you one of the Lunatic Fringe?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Janice Paine Dawes Delightfully Dead Fringe

March Hare
I've been aware of Janice Paine Dawes wonderful work since she shared a lovely rabbit portrait of herself with me for my Beautiful Beast Lecture.
Day of the Dead 
She just sent me these great pictures of her Day of the Dead quilt! Here's what she had to say about it.  It was taken from a..."painting...originally done in tempera on illustration board for a Day of the Dead challenge.The piece sold right away... A few years after that I decided I needed to do this in fiber. I love the fiber version most. I was able to give real dimension to the sugar skulls and they look good enough to eat."

I love that she's come back to this image to rework it, the way all important images need to be revisited.  I also love that they have no calories!

Her motto is: If you feel like a square peg in a round hole don't assume you should change, you need to find a square hole.
You'll find Janice's brilliant work  at 
The Distoriated Quilter

And a great fun site about finding fabulous fabrics and ideas for cheap at


  1. Holy Guacamole! The Day of the Dead quilt is great, but I especially love that Rabbit! Janice, you are definitely one of the Lunatic Fringe, woo-hoo!