The Lunatic Fringe

Sometimes life is your art. Sometimes art is your life. But always we are, by our human nature artists. The structure we give our lives is as vital a life form as the structure we give the many ways we create.
The Lunatic Fringe is where we recognize and celebrate the wonderful art explored just in our humanity. We believe in all art. We believe it to all be "fringy" from the odd corners of our souls and our worlds.
We welcome guest blogs from all kinds of artists from fiber artists, quilters, formal arts, odd doodlers and sculpters, and those artists who sculpt in the way their lives are built. It's part of our human nature. Are you one of the Lunatic Fringe?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Melida Boman Shows us her Fringe

Cafe de Human
Melida Boman hales from Oklahoma. She has an inordinate passion  for dragons and has worked on dragon forms for as long as I've known her. 

With three children she's taken on the role of Mamma Dragon. As you can imagine, when Mamma isn't happy................. need I say more?

Here's what she had to say about this delightful piece.

"Have you ever wondered what other dimensions were out there? What would you do if there was a portal for hungry dragons looking for a little lunch? How you like to chat with one over some blood wine?  It could happen!"

And it could. I think I'll look over the next restaurant carefully before I ask for a table. If it says "to serve man...." I may need to eat at home.

Show us your fringe too. Email me at and we'll set that up.

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's official! The Lunatic Fringe is back in  action.
If you are a former Fringe member you know it never goes away. 
If you were in class with me and I gave you your badge, it's good for ever. Like every sign and symbol, we really wear them mostly inside ourselves.

The Lunatic Fringe Badge is 

  • The Red Badge of Courage
  • Your Purple Heart
  • A Green Lunatic Fringe
Although I make these for people who take my class,you are completely welcome to make one for anyone who needs one, most especially yourself.

How do you know if you're a member of the Lunatic Fringe?

  • Do you do your art at odd hours and in odd ways?
  • Are people always asking you "What's that for?
  • Do you neglect housework, yard work, dinner, and paper work to do your art?
    Do you see wonderful inspiration in really strange places and at odd times?
  • Does your heart hurt if you can't do your art?
  • Do you sew, paint, sculpt, write or whatever like a mad person?
  • Have you ever been rejected from a show or publisher?
These are just some of the signs that you are a member of an elite group referred to as the Lunatic Fringe. They are the artists, writers and crazy people out there doing something wonderful and weird only they can do. Great art comes out of the margins. It comes from people following their dreams in strange and wonderful ways.

Of course they need a red badge of courage. That kind of art takes guts. Of course they've earned a purple heart. Creative people  like that get shot at. Of course it's lunatic. It's lunatic, brilliant, fun, wild,real, healing, scary and personally vital.

This is not just for artists. All life is art and your lunatic fringe may be in how you garden,  arrange your life, cook your food, write your stories. The lunatic fringe is about acknowledging the art within your life.
I'm putting up a page on facebook for the Lunatic Fringe to strut their stuff. Your fringe is hanging! SHOW US YOUR FRINGE!

If you would like a guest blog on the Lunatic Fringe, email at and tell us how your part of it all.

We'll welcome posts both on facebook and guest blogs. I'm starting a new blog for the Lunatic Fringe for you to show it all off.
Check out the  Lunatic Fringe Blog